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Archive for February 8th, 2009

My Man, in Winter

Sunday, February 8th, 2009


Brian does not complain very often. He just takes life as it comes, and everything seems pretty OK to him.

Really, he is salt of the earth. I’m the pepper. I’ve always got something to fix, something not quite right… an optimist, though sometimes not well-focused. My mind and moods hop and jump and do “frequent flyer miles” with my feet touching the floor. Brian watches me zoom and waits for me to calm down, he knows it won’t last forever.

I complain about winter. He rides his bike to work. In snow. Wearing a wool suit coat as his winter jacket. And he swears he doesn’t get cold. Sometimes wet (cars splash, and there are unavoidable puddles though fenders help with those). Not cold, though sometimes he wears two pairs of wool socks.

On his days off, if the wind is not too bad and the slush/ice are navigable, he goes on a ride just because it makes him happy. I know he will come home in a good mood, I am all for it. This week Friday was above freezing and sunny with manageable wind. He rode over 90 miles and got a little sunburn. No big deal.

Here he is, probably on his way home from work some night this last week. This is on the Grand River in Old Town, Lansing, Michigan. For locals, it’s across from the Fish Ladder.

I love this man.