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Archive for February 12th, 2009

Mud Update

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

A Reasonable Solution, for Now

I went to the pet store and got 25 pounds of tiny gravel to fill in the very bottom of the worst two spots in the driveway. Then I went to the hardware and got two 50lb bags of “play sand” (the beige-colored, relatively coarse kind).

When I went home, I parked in the street while I filled the two worst ruts as best as I could. Then I put the cardboard back down, on top of the place where I had sunk last night.

It still feels more like gelatin than solid ground in more places than I care to admit. In spite of that, I was able to get the car in the driveway in such a way that I think I will probably get out OK tomorrow.


This sort of drama is better than many other kinds. I mean, I have a house with a driveway. I have a paid-off, 11-year-old car that works pretty well and looks much newer than it is. This morning I was able to get out of that drive without outside help, and figure out a plan to make it better.

The repair materials were not expensive and I had the resources to purchase and transport them. I am healthy enough and strong enough to carry the bags full of sand/gravel and do the work of fixing the problem.

I enjoy “rescuing myself,” and this one took $20 or so and not a whole hour total. This is enough to bring a smile.

It’s supposed to freeze tonight. In this case, it would be a good thing.

I think I’ll reward myself by making some tapioca pudding. For me, that is comfort food. Catch you later!


Thursday, February 12th, 2009

The down side of having record-high temperatures in Lansing from Saturday through Wednesday (after way more snowfall than usual), is mud. There are still piles of snow on corners from shoveling out so many times, but walking on grass feels like walking in chocolate pudding.

This morning I went out to my car to start my day, and this muddy mess is what I found:


Fortunately, the small shovel I keep in my back seat half the year, is solid metal and I was able to shovel the *mud* away from my tire. I went inside the house and found a heavy-duty corrugated cardboard box Brian had broken down, and put it underneath the back of that tire.

I gave my beloved JoyBug a pep talk about how we had one chance to get this right, and we got out of that driveway. It was a slow process but it worked. Right now I have it parked on the street before I go to Rae’s to teach.

I guess I need to stop at a garden supply on the way home to get some gravel and/or sand to fill those ruts. In the city you can get a ticket for parking on the street overnight. I’d be more likely to be ticketed on a weeknight, so I need to make something work before bedtime.

I am grateful that the driveway is only a little longer than my car. It could have been much worse. After all, there is a bit of a rush when one can rescue herself, you know? And this time I did it without much hassle.

May you stay above the mud in your own life, literally and figuratively. (I think I will welcome the frost tonight for a change.)