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Archive for March 10th, 2009

A Gratitude List

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

floridatraingraffiti.jpgWhat a good life I live. I am so grateful.

The weather is rainy and gray today, but my life is full. I just had lunch with friend Cynthia and it made me exceedingly happy for the way my life is right now.

Occasionally I like to write a gratitude list, for whatever pops into my head at the moment. Here is one (no doubt incomplete) for today:

  • My beloved Brian.
  • Friends and family who love me and respect my life path.
  • A good relationship with my Mother.
  • A “freelance” livelihood in a city that actually is full of opportunity for such work.
  • Students/Customers/Blog Readers who make my livelihood fulfilling.
  • The Internet, which allows me to fill out that career fully, with the world as my audience.
  • Computers that work and help me do my job.
  • Dance, Knitting, Music, Poetry, Artful Food and Relationship: all artforms that enhance my life.
  • Yarn, wool, color, and a mind that puts them together in endlessly fascinating ways.
  • Beloved children of other people… who make my life more interesting and full.
  • A car that is 11 years old, paid off, 138,000 miles, runs fine and looks almost new.
  • A colorful house in a neighborly area of a friendly city.
  • Being alive and primarily healthy, being able to walk, dance and climb stairs, being able to speak out loud and even sing (I once spent 31 days without a voice).
  • Being 50 years old (some loved ones have not been this lucky).

May fridathecat16.jpgyou also find things for which to be grateful, on this March day.

1) Graffiti on side of railroad car, taken just over a week ago in the middle of Florida. It sure looks different than most big-city train graffiti I see.
2) Frida the cat, in Jacksonville, Florida, looking as content as I feel right now.