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Archive for March 13th, 2009


Friday, March 13th, 2009

We visited Brian’s sister Kathy and her wonderful husband, Pedro, in Jacksonville for one night. (I’m behind, the photos were taken February 28.) The day we had together was about 80F degrees and sunny, like summer in Michigan.

It was the only summer-like day we had in the 5 days of our trip, and we drank it up. (About 3-4 years ago we visited Jacksonville, and our car had icicles on it in Daytona… how nice to balance out that trip memory with this one.)

I have said it many times… I wish I lived next door to this couple. They are just the most easy friends to have, and we have so many things in common! Once upon a time they lived in Ann Arbor, about an hour away. We did get together a little more often than now, but it’s never enough for me.

I won’t bore you with “and then we did this, and then we did that.” Instead, here is a photo scrapbook of sorts, to document that day.

A gorgeous orange old car in great shape, near the resale shop in Kathy/Pedro’s neighborhood:


Half a porch near the five-points area:


A street musician with companion dog, also near five points:


I did not get a photo, but we found a wonderful shop called Olives & Oils Gourmet Market not too far from this It was at 1506 King Street. I found some amazing organic chocolate to snack on, and there were many other goodies I would have purchased if I did not have to fly them home with me.

Two interesting-to-look-at bicycles:


Park on the river near five-points (being heavily used, it was about 80F that day):


Hand-Painted signs (a rare sight in our northern city) and a multicolored restaurant paint job:


Outside and inside of house (these folks have style, their home is very Color-Joyful):


Photos: Lakeland, Florida

Friday, March 13th, 2009

On our vacation a few weeks back, we spent time in lovely Lakeland, Florida. It really seems like a liveable town. Loved the visit.

Downtown park:


“Patchwork Pig” quilting shop (we did not go inside):


In this downtown area, we found a wonderful local-artsy coffee shop and got juice and tea. We walked up and down the street and enjoyed the warmer-than-home weather. I always enjoy Lakeland and this was no exception.

Old Town Photos, Lansing, Michigan

Friday, March 13th, 2009

The Riverwalk (official name “River Trail”) is definitely more River than Walk this week. Here is a photo from Tuesday.

In the background you can’t see the dam which is normally obvious. The water is nearly up to the upper level of the dam, on the “lower” side (which is closer to the camera).

Notice the water is up to the level of a door under the street-level walkway at the very bottom left corner of the window. This picturesque building is a little closer to drama than serenity this week, I’d say.


Two weeks ago, a young Cooper’s Hawk (someone else told me that, I would not have known) on a telephone wire above the sidewalk. It was just the next building over from Elderly Instruments, on Washington Avenue.