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Archive for March 30th, 2009

Icy Photos

Monday, March 30th, 2009

It snowed all afternoon/evening on Sunday. The snow actually accumulated, right on top of my beloved violets.


These photos were taken on the first day of our many-day thaw, approximately two weeks ago. Click to see larger images for the small ones. I especially love the spots where ice developed at an earlier high-water point, and attached itself to the trees there.


The photos were taken of Ralph Crego Park, which is mostly swamp and is off liimits to humans ever since an illegal chemical dump happened a good long time ago. (I stood near the roadside to take these.)

The geese don’t know that, though. They were arguing that day, I’m guessing the issue was territory or mates.


I could barely see the geese from the raised sidewalk where I stood, they were that far away. What amazing beings they are!

The big birds were so loud that I wished I had some earplugs. Nature does not worry about disturbing the peace or no-trespassing signs!

woods5.jpgI drove by this park on the other side of the road, maybe 3 hours before I took these. The sun was lower, the temperature was cooler, and more ice was present. The sun shone through broken bits of ice like crystals. The light beamed brightly and shimmered through the air.

woods1.jpgIt was breathtaking. However, I was on a deadline which would not allow a delay.

In the end, going back when I could was the right idea. I walked a lot that day, which was the first in months where I could walk without gloves and earmuffs.

woods2.jpgI love the photos I did get. My mind’s eye still wishes I could share that amazing glance I caught earlier in the day, with you. (By noon the next day, the ice was all gone. Thank goodness I ran back when I could!)