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Archive for April 1st, 2009


Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Speaking of spring… here is a cute photo.


One of Rae’s customers is a veterinarian. Someone brought in this 5-day-old kitten who was apparently rejected by her mother and left alone, eyes closed, in a window box.

The vet took it home to foster it. Baby Kitty would die without help. In fact, at this age you never know if they will make it. Fortunately, this vet has fostered many tiny kittens before. Kitty lucked out, she got someone who knew what to do, and cared enough to do it.

This was last week. I wrote the vet yesterday to ask how kitty was doing. She says that Baby Kitty is doing wonderfully. She still needs much care and is not independent yet, but I’m delighted to hear that news.

Spring. Awwwww……

Never Bored

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

If the rest of life were not interesting enough, the weather would be all we needed. Even in a few hours things change. Monday, things were different on the south side of the house versus the north. Witness the evidence below.

Saturday: almost-blooming daffodils and a few violets. There were more violets not far away.


Sunday morning: rain and a flock of robins enjoying the worms. There may have been two dozen of these beautiful singers. They are very hard to photograph, so this was all I was able to catch in one good photo.


Sunday just before sundown: snow accumulation, memories of November.


Monday on the north side of the house: slush remaining in the shade and straw-colored grass.


Monday a minute or two before I took the above photo, on the south side in the sun: a yard full of violets again, in grass which is turning green.


Life is as varied as a movie these days! Never a dull moment, I’d say.