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Archive for April 10th, 2009


Friday, April 10th, 2009

I already mentioned below that next Tuesday will be my new Andean-Inspired Hat class at Rae’s Yarn boutique. Now I hope to inspire you again, this time for a Norwegian-inspired project.


For some reason, mitered squares are in the air. Right now dozens of people within an hour from me, are knitting mitered squares out of leftover sockyarn, into wonderful blankets. It’s a great idea for a lot of reasons.

(For my non-knitting friends, Mitered squares are usually used as small square building blocks to make larger items such as sweaters, hats, and blankets. They feature a diagonal seam from one corner to an opposing corner, are usually highly textured, and are just as addictive as potato chips.)

Well, before the mitered square blankets took off, I was putzing around with mitered squares myself. It seems that no matter where you look, they use the term “mitered squares” but they use different methods to achieve these lovely design elements. I have a fascination with how many ways one thing can be accomplished.

So… I did a bit of experimentation. I came up with six different mitered square ideas, knit them one after the other out of slowly-self-changing sockyarns, added a little triangle with a small buttonhole, and made a “pulsewarmer” (Norwegian artful wool bracelet).

In my case, I decided to edge the bracelets. For the first one (orange/red/purple Mini Mochi) I used two rows of single crochet around the edge, each from a different part of the color sequence. For the second, I did one round of slip stitch crochet. I think picking up stitches around the whole thing and then binding off, would also work… or a very small knit-on I-cord edging could be wonderful.

When I made them, I realized how impossible it was to display these so that a non-Norwegian would know what they were, sitting alone on a counter. So I got out the 1/4″ soft cuttable “foamies” I often use for displays, and I made three layers at the base of the wrist, up to one layer at the fingers. I decorated with Sharpie markers, and now it’s clear what these are!

My class at Rae’s Yarn Boutique for this project, is Tuesday 5/5/09, from 6-8pm.  You will not finish the whole piece in class, but you will get all the techniques you need and a taste of how it might go. You get a good handout from me, and you can decide how/whether you will make an edging.

Any locals out there? Would you join me?