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Archive for April 12th, 2009

This Day is for Relationship

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

A Change of Focus

Often I work on Sundays. I am grateful for times when students are available to take my classes. This (teaching knitting) is my primary business; I have daytimes off on Tuesdays and Fridays, instead. That constitutes my weekend. Again, work is always good and I have no complaints.

But this week was Easter. Rae’s shop (where I usually teach on Sundays) was closed.

I just finished up two intense weeks. I felt as though I did not have time to think or breathe between obligations. So Sunday I took a full day for relationship and relaxation.

Two particular friends have over-busy schedules as well, and we try to connect but mostly leave one another messages for “we’ll try to connect after…” So this Sunday I celebrated the richness of my current life situation, and finally connected with those friends.

Tea Dates #1 & #2

I had a tea date with one friend from noon until almost 4. Then I went directly to tea at the second friend’s home for another four-hour luxury chat and relaxation session.

While chatting, I spent a little time knitting and a lot of time working in ends on the pile of socks I’ve knit thus far in 2009. They are all ready to wear or gift now.

Considering how many colors I like to use, stopping and starting wherever a color change would look good, I had a large pile of ends to work within the more-than-a-dozen individual socks. For example, the hot green/pink pair on top of the pile contained 20 ends for me to address. Single-color socks could have only 4.

I like handsewing, it is relaxing for me. It requires visual attention, though, and often I’m where I need to use my eyes for something else. I can knit without looking but I can not sew without my eyesight.

Today I was with friends who were also doing knitting or sewing most of the time we chatted. We enjoyed the “parallel play,” and had the best of times.

Quiet Meal with Brian

After alisabelmommydressedup400.jpgl that, Brian brought home some avocado rolls from an East Lansing sushi restaurant for dinner. I steamed some edamame (green soybeans still in the pod) and we had a simple dinner together.

Brian is so comfortable to be with. I never stop counting my blessings when it comes to our marriage.

Other Relationships I Celebrate

There are several friends I see nearly every week: Altu, Rae, April and Cynthia. I did not see them Sunday… but I celebrate them and all of my other friends who I may see less often but love no less.

The day I had, allowed me to slow down and really notice the good things in my life. I believe when it is all said and done, the most important “thing” we have in life, is relationship.

My riches are much more counted in friends than anything else. I believe this is as it should be.

And with that, here is a photo of April and Isabel in matching costumes. The costumes were a Christmas present from Arlyn/Mahtaab, who sewed them herself (one more artform here… costuming). Adorable, no?