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Archive for April 17th, 2009

New Recipe Category

Friday, April 17th, 2009

My theory behind this blog, is that many things/ activities are artforms, even those not celebrated as such. Costuming (even for just going to work or school) and cooking are two that are not given full respect in my own society. Here I try to celebrate those creative acts, inside and outside popular acceptance, which are worthy of attention.

Somehow I ended up a person who creates recipes. It was accidental at best. I don’t like to cook much, but I like to eat. I had so many food allergies a few years ago that I had to cook for myself or I would not be able to eat. I still cook/bake most of my own food, but things are getting better.

In the process of discovery, I have experimented with what I could make, using the ingredients I thought were not giving me trouble. A lot of my experiments were desserts and other treats.

You see, I can usually find a piece of grilled salmon without chemicals on it, even when I travel. However, finding cake or pumpkin pie is 100% impossible if I do not make my own.

(I can not have wheat, but most wheat-free alternates substitute corn and potato flours… corn is one of my worst foods. Alternately, they sometimes use nut meal, and I have serious reactions to tree nuts. I had to find my own answers, and could not buy pre-made baking mixes or treats in any city.)

So here I am, a recipe-maker. Some recipes please me more than others, but all are workable and keep me healthy. I do not share them here if I do not think at least most of you who think they sound good, will like the result. I want them to taste good even to non-allergic friends.

My first blog software only allowed me to have one category per post. Food was one option. My current software allows me many categories. So today I made a change.

Yesterday I was sharing a batch of Teff Spice Muffins (photo above) at Altu’s restaurant, and a customer asked for the recipe. I decided it was time to go back in my archives and make a category called Recipes. So that is what I just did.

(For the record, you can find any of my blog categories if you scroll down a bit on the right-hand column of this blog. When you click there, you get a filtered list of only posts tagged with that category. )

There are 22 posts in the category “Recipes.” I have been blogging since November, 2002, with a goal of 28 posts a month. I think it’s great you don’t have to dig through the thousands of posts I’ve written, just to find the recipes!

It is almost time for a weekend. Maybe you will enjoy a new recipe on one of your days off?