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Archive for May 8th, 2009

Robert Genn on Larks and Owls

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Larks and Owls, Morning people and Night people… I’m ridiculously in the Owl camp, myself. I love the peacefulness when it’s dark out. There are no distractions, visual or auditory, and it’s just me alone doing my work. I could stay up to 4:30am every day, but the rest of the world does not adjust to my preferences.

Lately I’m on a new medication which is doing what it was supposed to do for me… but it has changed my sleep patterns. I feel sleepy sooner, which means I’m now going to bed at 1:30. I am also sleeping longer… but before, I was not sleeping quite enough.

The world likes me on this schedule. However, now I’m sometimes awake during Brian’s former alone time in the morning. I also feel as though I’m not getting enough done at night.

I am having to just pay attention to every day as its own pattern. Right now I can not expect to be able to work for hours after Brian “hits the feathers” about midnight. In fact, I think I fell asleep last night before Brian did.

Live in the moment, and save nothing for a two-hour stretch at night, I guess. I just don’t seem to have two hours any other time. I’ll figure it out, because in the end I do feel better than I did before.

Robert Genn’s Column on the Subject

Robert Genn has a twice-weekly newsletter geared to working artists. I don’t read every column, but those I read are often very helpful to me.

This week he talks about the Larks/Owls reality. He says they are finding physical genes that influence these tendencies. Apparently 15% of humans are strongly Lark and 15% are strongly Owl, and others can adjust.

I always wondered why people told me I would adjust to the 8-5 work schedule. I worked 8-5 from 1981 to 1999, and I never once felt accustomed to it. Every weekend I would stay up later and every Monday was difficult. Apparently it was the 70% who can adjust,  thinking I would be like them.

I’m happy to have research talking about this, and to understand that once more I am in a small minority. No wonder others aren’t “getting” my natural rhythms.

Consider reading the Robert Genn column about Larks & Owls on a public web page.

Consider signing up for the Robert Genn e-newsletter “The Painter’s Keys” (which I find helpful even though I do not paint at all)

Read his welcome letter saying what you might expect from the e-newsletter, should you subscribe.

And if you like quotations, he maintains an exhaustive Resource of Art Quotations that may please you, whether you subscribe or not.

The photo is a robin from a few weeks ago… I have no photos of larks *or* owls in my own photo archive.