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Archive for June 2nd, 2009

Catching Up… I hope

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I am fine, but I’m AFK (Away from Keyboard) a lot lately. It has been a full week of Go-Go-Go, lovely events but little to no down time. I’ve stayed up till 4 tonight just to get a few things done in the peace and quiet.

Yesterday I printed out my to-do list from my calendar program. It had to bleed over into a second page. Ugh. I’m “over-yessed” again, and too many of my promises have deadlines attached to them.

Monday was my last day with the 3rd grade classroom. I will miss the kids, they are really great people and I like them very much. I will not miss the appointment on Monday morning, though. I was in the routine of doing deskwork on Mondays until I left to teach at 5pm. With the kids, that routine got interrupted.


Finally Some Photos

I have been knitting a bit, mostly in the car on the way to performances and/or weddings/ graduation parties/ anniversary parties. I’m grateful Brian will drive most of the time, when we sing out of town. I’m in that phase where it seems I can knit forever and nothing happens.

I’m ripping out a tank top right now, for a second try. My “gauge of the minute” got in my way again, so the swatch I did and the garment do not match in size. The tank looks like a tent, instead. I’ve learned, though… if it looks wrong, it is wrong. Knitting more will not prove that gut instinct wrong, and it will waste my time.

The Hat of Good Wishes & Good Colors

I have photos here of a hat I made for a friend who is eagerly awaiting her first child, a girl. She is a patient and good woman, and I wish all best to her. She had a short run of bad luck not that long ago, so I knit every good wish into this hat which I possibly could.

winnieyarn.jpg I dug through my stash for the very nicest soft washable wool I had. The berry and the bright green yarns are Koigu PPPM, perhaps my favorite handpainted yarn for depth of color, and it’s wonderfully soft after washing. The purple is an early handpainted yarn I dyed, also fingering-weight washable merino. The deep green/brown yarn is Claudia Handpaints, another goodie for sure.

I held the berry and purple together, to knit the berry part of a hat (based on the Ann Norling Fruit Cap pattern). Then I held the bright green and green/brown together for the leaves/stem. I just love the depth of color I got this way! Don’t you love the incredible fabric created by holding two yarns together as one?

I’ve knit a lot of these fruit caps, and I must say this is the best so far. The mother-to-be was delighted. Score!