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Archive for June 4th, 2009

Wedding Joy

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

A music friend got married on the weekend of Memorial Day. Brian has known her longer than I have, but I used to take my Godchildren to her concerts 20 years ago.

She’s a lovely person as well as a good musician. She is a wonderful singer, someone who (like me) loves harmonies. I remember when I first dated Brian and we would go to music parties, I was intimidated. There were all these people hanging out and jamming, who I knew as performers (I thought of myself as audience/fan). It was hard to imagine I was welcome to jam with them as an equal. This woman always made me feel welcome and cherished at those times.


The bride and groom dated in the 70s, somehow went their separate ways, and now are happily reunited. I talked to the groom for a while and found him thoughtful and grounded. I think of her in similar terms. I’m happy for them both.

The reception included live music by friends (including my Brian), most of whom are professional musicians at least part time. It also included a dance. The first group dance was the Virginia Reel, which is a very fun and not-too-hard dance for a crowd of this sort.

The photo of dancers shows the groom and the bride holding hands into a bridge during the Virginia Reel, while the rest of the dancers file through the arch two at a time. I also took a photo of the exhuberant but simple flower centerpiece from the church sanctuary (taken after the service).