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Archive for June 5th, 2009

The Last Day of School

Friday, June 5th, 2009

I saw my 3rd grade knitters today for a short while. It was their last day of school, and it was an intense experience to be there when the final bell rang for the year. There were a lot of goodbyes, a lot of happy faces, and one very sad one. I gave encouraging words and caring to the sad child, and did what I could to be a loving and cheerful presence to the rest.hatnomanredcedar.jpgWe did not knit today. I had been working on sewing pieces of unruly knitting into recognizable shapes, so that I could get the kids finished products when I could. I have more photos for a later blog post, but here is a project I helped a boy finish about a week ago.He was another of my kids who started with 5 stitches, and kept increasing accidentally until there was a substantial piece of fabric. The only thing this would agree to be turned into, was a hat. So I made sure it reached around his head, and then I took it home. I put it on this wig head and sewed edges together (tucking extra fabric inside the hat). It became something he could wear with pride.I love 3rd grade! Most of the kids are not perfectionistic, they just like the process of making something. A few will always be pickier but they tend to be more aware of what they might be doing wrong. The others, they knit for the joy of doing something with their hands.I’m still trying to catch up on that incredible, ominous to-do list. For now, contemplate what it might be like to just create for pure joy and NOT NOTICE the “hiccups” in the product. After all, the child got a hat when he started a wristband. I can’t see that as anything but a big success.I already miss “my kids.” I really need the time that is now free in my schedule, but I find myself loving all the kids I work with. Today is bittersweet for that reason.Keeping on keeping on, learning as we work, that is what 3rd graders do well. I think I will contemplate that lesson today… just keep doing it, don’t worry about perfection, just keep practicing. Mastery follows practice.Happy summer to those who were set free today!