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Archive for June 12th, 2009

Sidewalk Art

Friday, June 12th, 2009


sidewalk1.jpgWhen I was in Kindergarten or First Grade, the movie Mary Poppins came out. In the movie, Bert (Dick Van Dyke) drew wonderful chalk drawings on the sidewalk and somehow he, Mary Poppins and the two children, were able to go inside a picture and have an adventure. Until it rained, if I remember properly.

As a child, we did not have sidewalk chalk in our lives. Bert used regular artist’s chalk for his wonderful drawings. The big, chunky chalks used by kids in my neighborhood just were not available to us at that time.

sidewalk2.jpgSometimes I take photos of kids’ drawings as I find them. This time I found them outside Red Cedar School, the last Monday of the school year. I can not help but wonder what ages these children were.

Some drawings are more impulsive, some were clearly very carefully thought out before any lines were drawn. Just notice the style differences from photos 1 and 2, both tulip images.

Love this!!!

sidewalk3.jpgHave you ever been able to draw on cement with chalk? Were you young or grown? Was it fun? Do you have any hints for a novice??? (One friend advises that you get chalk on everything you are wearing. This is good to know before diving in, I’d say.)