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Archive for June 17th, 2009

So What Season is it, Anyway?

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Is anyone else as eager to see pure, true summer as I am???

Less Chill than Expected Last Friday

Last Friday night, we (The Fabulous Heftones) were singing up at NorEast’r Festival in Mio, Michigan. For those familiar with Michigan’s lower peninsula, you basically drive to Grayling which is on highway I-75, and then turn east and drive 40 miles or so. It’s about 3.5 hours from home, and one can expect colder nights there than here in Lansing.

The predictions were for 45F degrees (7.2C) in the tent at night. It never got that cold, which was a lovely surprise. I took my ear muffs along with me just in case I would need them after dark. I found no need for them, which was great.

A Few Lovely Days

On Sunday/Monday, I was in Columbus, Ohio for the TNNA yarn-industry trade show. It was gorgeous while we were there. There was a threat of rain but we saw no real sprinkles at all.

Monday I walked to North Market (my favorite thing about Columbus, and only a few blocks from the Convention Center) a few times. It was so glorious to just walk a few blocks that I allowed full happiness to perch on my shoulder.

What a wonderful day it was! This was an example of how small things can make us happy if we let them in. Waiting for *big* things before we feel satisfied, is just a preseciption for disappointment, but really being in the moment, walking in the sun for 2 blocks to lunch, can just change your life from drab to wonderful. Or so it works in my own life, anyway.

On Tuesday, it was 84F degrees (28.8C), my favorite temperature of all. I like it hot, and I went for a long walk with friend Cynthia in the midst of the gorgeous sunshine in the early afternoon. Heaven.

I did buy some peach-colored geraniums Tuesday for the west side entrance to our house. I mostly did a lot of work in my office, rather than staying out in the garden. After 4 days away… two to sing and two for the yarn/knitting business… I needed to sit at my desk for a while. At least I could open the front door and listen to the birds out there while I worked.

An Unexpected Change

On Wednesday, it was 69F degrees (20.5C). Brr. I wore wool legwarmers and wool socks. I need a sweater until it is at least 74F (23.3C), personally. I know that some can go in a Tee Shirt at 69F, but I’m not one.

It’s supposed to rain on and off for several days. The plants and mosquitos are delighted.

As for me, I’m kicking myself for not making time to sit on the porch in my beloved hammock on Tuesday afternoon. What was I thinking??? This is Michigan, and I need to expect changes at any time.

Thank goodness it’s merely June. I have some more heat coming my way. I can feel its promise, finally.