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Archive for June 22nd, 2009

Helen’s Garden

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I took these photos weeks ago, when the tulips just would not quit. Though things look different in the neighborhood now, I hated to let these photos go.


Helen is a helensgarden4sm.jpgwoman who lives just a few doors down. She is in her late 80’s or even 90’s, but is a spunky one.

Just a handful of years ago I saw her out shoveling snow and being interviewed by the local television station after a big downfall. Her son lives with her now, and I don’t see her in winter any more, but I see her out in good weather from time to time.

Helen has probably lived in this house her full adult life. In a neighborhood where the lots are only as wide as a city bus is long, she has two lots side by side. One holds the house and driveway, and the other is a lovely garden.

Over the years, she has planted poppies, flowering shrubs, many bulbs, and other things that take turns flowering from the beginning of the growing season to the end. I love walking by her home, there is always a new surprise.


My favorite feature, though, is Helen’s version of a Japanese garden. On the far right side of her garden, the neighbor put up a fence. Along that fence, Helen put down gravel and some large rocks. Upon the large rocks are smaller ones.

I understand that the rocks in the Japanese gardens she admired, are balanced upon one another only by gravity. Helen did not trust chance, and she cemented her rocks together. Go, Helen!


I want to be like Helen when I grow up.