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Archive for June 27th, 2009

Miter Mania

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

I did it. I fell into the mitered square frenzy, and I have no regrets thus far.

(A miter is a diagonal line at the corner of a rectangle, like the join you find at the corner of a wood picture frame. Right now it seems half the knitters I know are making sock yarn squares with a mitered diagonal pattern. They are joining them together into a throw or blanket… often buying new yarn to augment their “yarn collection” leftovers to make the piece large enough and colorful enough.)


I have knit 170 pairs of socks (visit my LynnH SockTour to see some of them). Yes, that’s an incredible amount of scrap leftovers (especially when Brian and I both have small feet). I have LOTS of leftover sockyarn. Much of it is in cool colors or cool neutrals (gray).

For this project, I consciously chose to leave out the scraps I’ve got in pinks and plums, reds and yellows. This yarn collection starts at yellow-green and goes to a blue-purple, with mostly grays and turquoises in the middle. I’m liking it very much.

(For the record, colors next to one another on the color wheel are called “analogous” colors. The human eye tends to be attracted to analogous color schemes.)


I have some lovely blankets already (two handspun/handwoven cotton from Ethiopia, two handwoven wool from Mexico, and a squishy handknit LynnH-sized wrap knit by Diana/Otterwise). I have no need for a sockyarn blanket, which is what most others are knitting when they say “miters.”

The blankets typically have squares starting with 31 stitches in the longest edge. Mine have 15, and they measure about 1.5″ (3.8cm) diagonally. It takes about 3 yards of yarn and about 10 minutes for me to knit a square on my project. It’s very clear when I have finished one puzzle piece, so I feel like I really am making progress, even when I only knit 1 or two squares in a sitting.


I hope my project will become something other than a blanket (smaller). We will see if I can make my idea happen, before I talk too much here about dreams which are not yet reality.

Meanwhile, look at my pile of yarns. All of these were purchased by me, and in stash already. All but 3 of the skeins were previously used at least a little for another project.

Look at my starting piece of fabric. I love it!!!