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Archive for June 28th, 2009

ColorJoy on Twitter

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

I Give In!

twitterbuttoncolorjoy.gifWell, I have been assimilated, as Brian says it. I swore I could not “do” Twitter because of its distraction-creating capabilities. However, Rae convinced me that I could send outgoing messages which would benefit my customers and friends, without following other folks’ messages myself.

It is perhaps unfairly unbalanced doing it this way, but if I spend time reading what others are doing, I won’t be doing anything myself. I know how easily I can be distracted.

However, sometimes I have a last-minute knitting class or musical performance to announce. Twitter is a sort of quick, in-the-moment way to announce those things. And when I dye a small handful of yarns which are one of a kind, a Twitter announcement may be just the way to catch those most interested in my work, quickly.

What is Twitter? What’s a Tweet?

For those who ask me what Twitter is, basically it’s a way for people to send out very short text messages (140 or fewer characters) about “what are you doing?” Some people will announce they are going to the grocery store, and assume those following them are friends and family. In my case, I think I will not use the feature unless I have a class, performance, or new product to announce.

You can follow someone on Twitter without getting an account, by going to their Twitter home page. My Twitter username is ColorJoy (or colorjoy, it seems to not care about upper/lower case). If you wanted to read my updates, you could go to www.twitter.com/colorjoy and read what I had posted most recently. OR you could get a twitter account and follow me on your computer or on your cell phone.

An individual message sent on Twitter is called a “tweet.” I have posted three tweets as of right now.

More to Come

When I get a chance, I will see what I can do to put my twitter updates right here on my blog, in the right-hand column. For now, I continue to have a to-do list with over a dozen items on it. Back to work.