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Archive for July 11th, 2009

Turner-Dodge Garden

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

In Old Town, Lansing, Michigan, there is a very old home which is now a city-owned property. It is usually called Turner-Dodge Mansion or Turner-Dodge House. It is a multi-story brick home which was originally built in 1858 and then had a major addition/renovation in 1900-1903.


The city website has a virtual tour available, if you have a good connection. You can see the grounds, and you can go inside the house. The outside panorama for that tour was photographed in summer (but no roses). The indoor photos show the home in its glory, decorated for Christmas as it might have looked when the Dodge family lived there.

The grounds are an amazing garden/park which I see often. Every week it has a different look. My very favorite time for the garden is right now, when the roses are in full splendor.

There are volunteers who help tend the grounds, and local businesses who donate the plants. I salute them all.

This photo was taken by me on Tuesday, July 7. Just look at how the roses bloom!

I’m Funny

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Not long ago, I told my friend Sally that I had never played with Sidewalk Chalk before. She and her daughter, Bea, found some chalk on sale shortly after that conversation. They gave it to me with a purple gift ribbon on it, so I could have a bit of fun and try it for myself.

My intent was to invite Bea and Isabel and another child they know, plus mommies, and we could play with sidewalk chalk at my house. After all, Brian and I live on a city corner so we have LOTS of sidewalk to decorate. (This is a better feature in summer with chalk in hand, than in winter with shovel in hand, but I digress.)

Then Rae decided to have a sale. And I noticed that I had chalk in my car. And it occurred to me that Rae had a sidewalk out front, where pedestrians actually pass. There is a bus stop right there, so there is a chance a knitter who doesn’t know about the shop, might just find us if they looked up, or in the window.

I asked Rae if maybe she would like a little chalk sign outside for her sale. She thought that was a good idea.


So, that good old workaholic that I can sometimes be… used her fun sidewalk chalk the first time… for business purposes. Too funny.

It *was* fun, I assure you. No surprise, my typical zigzag preference came out in this artform as well as in my knitting designs.

Rae was happy with the results. Elizabeth (who works for Rae) liked it, too. I worried at first about the ball of yarn and needles looking as I had intended (of course the chalk did not come in every color I desired). However, after I fussed a bit I liked that part just fine.

I have been good at lettering signs for a long time, so I knew I could do that part well. I think it’s easy to read from a distance, which is the test of a good sign.

Next time I get out my chalk, I’m going to invite some young girls over to my house, to make drawings just for the fun of it. I guess I just got a little sneak preview this way!