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Archive for July 16th, 2009

Offline for a While

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

What a busy summer I am having! Five out of six weekends in a row I’m out of town for a night or more, sometimes with Brian and sometimes alone.


This weekend, more sleeping in a tent. They expect scattered showers. I hope that means no floods in the tent. I don’t like being wet, I don’t like being splashed at all. Very hot baths I like, lukewarm-to-cold showers are not my cup o’tea.

But this weekend I play music with Brian and meet up with friends we sometimes only see once a year. I will do my best to turn off the three-year-old-whining child inside of me, and have a grown up lovely time. We will see how I do!

Meanwhile, if I do not update as often as normal until mid-August, you will know that I’m fine, but just away from the keyboard (AFK) again. All is well.

(The photo? My bags on the table as I was packing, preparing to schlep music and yarn and clothing north. My normal, everyday stuff. Clearly I’m not one who thinks I should limit the number of handknit things I wear on one day. After all, I knit things I can’t get by purchasing them in the store! I think this shot should be called “Still life with Turquoise Yarn.”