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Archive for July 19th, 2009


Sunday, July 19th, 2009

What a lovely day. We got home from the music festival Saturday night rather than Sunday night. Brian went on a long bike ride Sunday, as he likes to do when he has a day free. I had a quiet and wonderful day off.


I tend toward overwork. Perhaps I am not efficient, but I make up for it by loving what I do and sticking to it almost any minute I’m home. This is the good and the bad of having your business office in your house, but I like the lifestyle just fine.

The last many weeks I have been cleaning and tossing and working really hard at home, doing that thing we call “Simplify.” Pretty much every chunk of time I have been alone at home, I have been almost obsessed with letting go and getting rid of things I don’t use any more.

A Slow Day for Once

But my friend Sharon P/Knitknacks made a point long ago which I have not forgotten. There are three kinds of days off: 1) Social interaction (parties, weddings, tea with friends), 2) Getting personal things accomplished (gardening, housework), and 3) Taking it easy, relaxing (what one friend calls a pajama day).

I almost never get pajama days. I had one today. I can not tell you how lovely it was. I don’t feel guilty for not working, at least not right now. We will see if I have regrets later, but I think I needed this rest in the worst way.

I woke up a bit early, made great pancakes and put a little ice cream and a lot of strawberries on them. I read a little bit, answered a couple of emails, took a long and lazy nap, and finally got dressed around 5pm. I went on a brisk walk, did some knitting. Now my hammock is hung up on the porch and I plan to knit there until mosquitos invade the space at sundown.

Life is good to me, my friends. What a gift today has been, and it is not done yet!

(Photo: Sunset in Evart, Michigan, USA, on Friday night.)