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Archive for July 23rd, 2009

Focus on the Good Stuff

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


Today, I’m feeling gratitude.

Summer Abundance

It is a great time to live in Lansing. The fresh food available here right now is wonderful. I got Michigan black cherries, several types of greens, fresh beets, and a kohlrabi at the Allen Street Market yesterday.

Brian chopped up mustard greens and kale, plus sweet onion and red bell pepper last night. We added some canned beans he got at the Mexican (?) grocery store, and it was a really satisfying dinner.


The cherries are so perfect, there is not a bad one in the bunch. The day before, I got fresh organic strawberries. I am allergic to a lot of fruits, but strawberries and black cherries are A-OK and I’m grateful. Usually I buy them frozen, but right now the fresh are abundant and good.

You know, the best summer dessert in the world is just fresh strawberries cut up and layered in a tall glass with organic, home-whipped, whipped cream. Sweetened with light brown sugar rather than white!

Big yum. I missed dairy the 5 years I gave it up. However, giving it up that long meant that I could eat it again, and I appreciate it even more now.


evartannastage.jpgAnother blessing is my current set of friends. I once had friends who needed me to give more than they did, to make me equal. Those are gone (the loss was painful at the time).

Replacing them now, are friends who see me as equal though different. Friends who help me out and who I help when I can. Friends who do not have big expectations, who do not keep score. This happened subtly and slowly, but I feel the change in my life every day.

My friends are all ages, male and female, and from many different backgrounds. I am rich for their presence in my life.

My Life Partner/Husband

And the last (but not at all least) great thing in my life? My husband, Brian. He continues to make my life more pleasant all the time. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Really, I was very happy single, but this is ten times nicer. We don’t argue; not because I’m not a piece of work but because he doesn’t try to correct the errors of my ways. If I act crazy, he steps aside and waits for me to get sane again. There is a lot of adult-ness in that, and I can not express the depth of gratitude I feel.


Family/Today’s Work

I’m working on my Mom’s books today, finished placing all but 2 of the images (where did they go… must scan them in again) in book 3.

She has written 4 books (they help children start to read). Two are pretty much done. The third can be printed out with all the images and text, but tweaking and proofreading is yet to come. The fourth has all the words in there but none of the images. It’s coming. Off to deal with more images…

The photos are from ODPC Funfest, the Dulcimer/acoustic music festival in Evart, Michigan where we were last week. These are photos of the stage… open mic, kids’ concert and in the case of Doug the main concert on Saturday night.

In order, you see The Fabulous Heftones (me and Brian), Doug Berch on Mountain Dulcimer, A. on her gorgeous fiddle, and Sam Herman on old-time banjo.