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Archive for July 31st, 2009


Friday, July 31st, 2009

An Ending for Me

My knitting friend Ewe-kniss posted a little while ago (July 11) that she was making a multicolored entrelac blanket/throw. It was intended to be baby/smallish and use up her leftovers of a cotton-acrylic yarn she had in her house.

As things happened, the project was more beautiful than expected. It talked to her (I swear sometimes projects do this) and now it wants to be something bigger. She asked if anyone in the Lansing area had any Cotton Plus yarn? The newer colors available now apparently do not go well with the ones she has.


I did not know about Cotton Plus yarn, but I looked it up (love the Internet). It sounded about the same fiber blend and gauge as Cotton-Ease. I bought a bunch of that yarn in medium/light turquoise, when I heard it was going out of production. Why does that sense of impending shortage push our hoarding buttons so much??? I mean, it is not the sort of yarn I normally like to knit, though I do have a big weakness for anything in turquoise.

Turning the Luck Around

I did make an attempt (we are talking at least 2.5 years ago) to use the yarn. It was a project I made on my knitting machine which I don’t know much about, but I gave it a go. Unfortunately, it was too boxy, too big, and too thick of a project to look like it even belonged to me.

I tried to fix the thing by crocheting multicolored handpainted yarn on the armholes, to make it a vest (rather than the sweater I’d intended at first). If that had looked fine, I would have made a matching edging for the neckline.


I’m sorry to say it just looked worse. On the website Ravelry, they would call this an “Ugh.”

The crochet was a thin yarn in many colors, the knit was fat yarn in a single color, and the project went totally “south.” I put it aside for later.

It’s later. Ewe-kniss needs some yarn. I offered it to her. She accepted, and even offered to frog (rippit, rippit) the project for me. I’m so happy it is going to be in a lovely project for a friend instead of a loser project in a box in my storage area!!! Score.


I’ve been working on a computer project like crazy this week. One day I did not knit a stitch. The next day I didn’t knit anything until about 1:30am. This is how it started:


I am very happy to have a second project to alternate with my Zauberball Sunset Square Stole. I’ll show you more when there is more to show.