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Archive for August 2nd, 2009

The New Project

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Ending the Secret

I stopped by Threadbear Sunday and Rob asked if I was going to tell what my new project was, here on the blog. Hmmm, sorry I left you all hanging.

It has been a busy weekend, with Mom’s 75th birthday coming up and my brother Eric’s recent birthday, resulting in a lovely day together as a family in Ann Arbor. (I had no computer time Friday, and it was worth it.)

In order to fit my life into 24 hours a day, I have been doing “blog lite” recently. I have used previously-edited photos in catch-up mode. This takes less time than using new photos, but of course means I will have a pile-up of images again soon. That’s life. I figure passionate people (like me) never live a day without a to-do list. I need to get used to it.

Busy, Busy

Saturday I did teach a class, a “Sock in a Day” session where we use my First-Time Toe-Up Socks structure to make a baby sock and learn how it’s done. Much fun, an aunt/niece pair took it and learned a lot. There is nothing like teaching!

Sunday I attended a wedding shower and then was at both Threadbear and Rae’s shop before heading home to a peaceful, quiet house. Brian went on a long bike ride and had a great time. I worked on the new project, so now there is enough going on it to share a photo. Here it is.


Planning for Sock Summit

I am hoping to finish six of these and make them into a necklace, to wear at Sock Summit (in Portland, Oregon, next week). I leave Wednesday morning. There is not much wiggle room in the schedule for this to work, but I really have dreams. We will see how it goes.

The socks are based on my “Chippy Socks for Kids.” I’m using smaller yarn, a smaller number of stitches, and much smaller needles than I specified in the pattern.

For the record, the name Chippy in this case is a reference to “you can’t eat just one… potato chip.” I found that once I started knitting unmatched socks for Isabel, it was hard to stop making more. It turns out there are many meanings for the word “chippy” depending on where you live, and some are much nicer than others (a fish and chips take-out in the UK, a loose woman in some other circles). I knew no alternate meaning before I named these. Live and learn!

The Chippy Socks continue to be a hit in the list of my thirty-something self-published patterns. There has been a recent push of attention to this pattern on Ravelry. I’m not sure where that came from, but it pleases me.

An Idealist Slant on the Project

I teach for three shops within 30 minutes of my home: Rae’s Yarn Boutique, Threadbear and Yarn Garden of Charlotte, Mich. Of the three yarns I chose for this project, one came from each of those shops. It’s like I’m taking my friends with me. That makes me smile.

Lansing is such an unusual town for knitting… the shops get along in support of the knitting community (which in turn supports them). They understand that if I can stay busy between all my engagements, then I can remain in this business as my primary income source.

Should I try to make it on one shop alone, it would be much more difficult to continue doing what I do best. I’m grateful.

Deadlines, Once More

It looks like I will get the six socks knit in time. As far as making them into a neclace? I hope so. I am less clear on how I will put the whole thing together, than I am about the concept of a Chippy Sock necklace.

Stay tuned. I leave for Portland on Wednesday morning.

More Photos from Evart Dulcimer Funfest

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

evartmikesmile.jpgThe ODPC Funfest in Evart, Michigan (Otsego County Fairgrounds) was several weeks ago and I shared photos of folks on stage here not long after. It is time to share more photos of that event with you.

Most are jam session photos, or workshops such as the one of Karol Evans, accompanied by Bruce Evans, at a Hawaiian Music workshop. She is doing a hula to end the session. I look forward to her dances every year.

It was a very good year for jam sessions. The one in front of a fieldstone building, is Brian and Mike D. at the Irish restaurant/pub where we had lunch one rainy day.

The food there was very good… I had an American breakfast, Brian had a cabbage/meat dish that seemed somewhat Irish (I know very little, don’t call me on that), and our friends ordered interesting fusion dishes that looked really tasty.

If you get near Evart/Big Rapids area in Michigan, it might be worth a trip there. I’m sure they would be happy to have you as a guest. Businesses in small towns always have to work very hard to keep things going, and this business pleased all of us at the table.