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Archive for August 4th, 2009

Huge Thanks…

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

I give up. It’s the wee hours of Monday, turning into Tuesday fast. I’m soooo behind there is no way to write to everyone who has been commenting here. I try hard to reply to every single comment, even if there is a bit of a delay.

I did not knit a stitch Monday. I did work for the East Lansing Library. I worked with my mother on laying out her amazing kids’ books (3 of 4 are done, and 4 is really getting there).

Gratuitous photo:


One Day to Plan & Pack

But Tuesday, I have 24 hours to prepare for a trip to Portland, Oregon. At this point, I am glad I am not teaching (I did not apply to teach this time) and all of my “classes” which I’ll attend are presentations/lectures. I have no preparation to sell things, teach, complete homework, or other before-I-get-there work tasks.

However, I do have to plan for a packed schedule, six days away from home. I am dealing with my usual preparations because of my food allergies. I realize others have planned what they will wear each day, long before now. I will start my day tomorrow figuring out what yarn/clothes/food I can get into one checked bag and one carry-on, plus my purse/knitting bag. Fashion may not figure into that as much as I may wish.

Actually, I am working twice on Tuesday as well, one hour early on and two hours starting at 6pm. Work is good. I will not be dawdling after class, this time, though!

Cookin’ with Gas, as Mom Says

Tuesday I will bake protein bars of two kinds, and maybe granola bars. These are foods that stay good without refrigeration and are portable. I will wish and hope that the bars are not the only food I eat. I will be glad to know I have at least that food to get me through. Probably at least a few evenings I will get to a restaurant that works for me. If we all go out for pizza, I can enjoy tea and a protein bar, and great company. There are worse things, for sure.

The Social Butterfly Part (Sorta Work)

I am SO excited I will meet friends from the Internet who I have not met before. I wonder what wonderful interactions I will have, that I can not anticipate. My two biggest deals: 1) meeting Deb Robson, an internet friend for years. We have not met in person yet, 2) hearing Priscilla Gibson-Roberts speak on “Ethnic Socks and Stockings.” Priscilla’s book of the same name, literally changed my career. I am quite grateful and will at least have a short while to tell her so.

Deb and Priscilla are good friends and they have worked on projects together for years (including Priscilla’s second version of Knitting in the Old Way). I’m hoping they will have time to chat a bit, though both have teaching schedules which may make it difficult.

The Work-Related Part (Sorta Social)

I’ll be helping my friend Rita Petteys, who has a handpainted yarn booth at the event. She will be carrying some of my patterns in her booth.

I will go to a banquet and the “luminary panel” and many other events. I will attend three classes/lectures (Anna Zilboorg, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Deb Robson… all historical/ethnic- knitting names). I will probably be so busy I will not want to sleep. Once asleep, I will not want to wake up, either!

The Thanks I Mentioned

So… those who have commented in the last 3 weeks (or as for that, any time), know that I love your input and I cherish every time you write. It is really important to me that you feel appreciated and know how much you mean to me. I just can not get it all together right now to catch up on emails, and get to Oregon on time.

I’m thinking you understand. Hugs to you all!!!

(The photo today has nothing to do with this post… my friend April made this cake for our friend Shiela’s wedding shower. April loves making cakes. This one had real buttercream frosting, with butter rather than shortening. April is a quality grrrl!)