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Archive for August 8th, 2009

Name Dropping

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Oh, my! What a day. Sock Summit is even more than I expected. Class act.

For the record, I am typing on my beloved EeePC 900 netbook. I love this machine but the keyboard is tiny and I have a bandage on one finger, making it even more clumsy. Please forgive any typos.

It is almost 4am Michigan time. I am guaranteed to forget some names. I will take a risk and tell you some of the folks I saw today. It is name dropping time.

The first reunion was with Mary Kay who was on the committee for Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiberfest when I worked there in April ’07. She is helping the folks at Madelinetosh yarns work their booth.

I gave a (short) backrub to Sandy Wiseman of Knitting Daily.

While waiting in line to buy SockSummit souvenirs, someone tapped on my shoulder. It was none other than Color-Joyful Lucy Neatby saying hello and we had a lovely bit of a hug.

Saw a number of former students including Marlee and her son whose name I am blanking on.

Merike Saarniit said hi as I was working for Rita of Yarn Hollow. I had not seen her in several years and did not recognize her immediately. She has been very supportive to me since my early hand-dyeing days, and we have had the luxury of long conversations at times. Have taken dyeing with her. Was great to see her.

Had pleasant chitchat with Anna Zilboorg. She had a lovely smile on her face, though she said she was tired. We commented on how wonderful it is that our niche interest has grown to the point where we could have this kind of event.

(Melissa?) from Portland knew me from somewhere on the Internet, maybe this blog and maybe Ravelry. She is one of the many volunteers. I wish to virtually kiss the feet of everyone who worked on this event, including her.

Hugged internet friend Deb Robson, the first time we have met in person. She then graciously made sure I got to meet and speak with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. Sigh… this alone would be worth the price of the plane tickets.

Rita’s booth is next to that of City Knitting, of Eastown in Grand Rapids. great shop, nice folks. It makes a difference to have booth neighbors who are so fine.

Had dinner with Lorilee of City Knitting, Rita Pettys/Yarn Hollow, and Tracy from Minneapolis (who traveled alone and knew nobody at the Summit but came anyway). Tracy knows my friend Susan Hensel, has some of her fiber for spinning (Sue did not knit or spin when she was in the Lansing area). The world is small.

The opening reception was emotional, moving, and huge. Huge. The folks who put this together really worked and worked to make it good. They started with a philosophy of kindness and respect. I’m so impressed with how that plays out.

For example, at about 1 hour before vendors were to leave their booths (before opening hour for the marketplace), they announced that if anyone needed help setting up, they had VOLUNTEERS to help. Wowie.

Later they announced that the vendors did not have to leave their booths between setup time and market-opening time.

They even have volunteers at a yarn-winding station to wind yarn for attendees who buy yarn which needs to be in a ball to knit it (rather than a “hank” which is a large loop).

I am falling asleep. Goodnight.