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Archive for August 9th, 2009

Sock Summit is a Class Act

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

(I wrote this and saved it as a draft, probably last Friday. The internet access went flaky and I could not post it when I was ready. Might as well post it now… posting to my blog on 8/11 but with a date of 8/9.)

I am so busy living in the lovely moment, that I forgot to say hi to you all, even though there is wireless access at this hostel where I am staying Must sleep soon, must wake up in not enough hours, but all is well.

The Sock Summit is totally a class act from A-Z. There is an overriding intent by the organizers, that treating people well is how to do things. It shows.

They have an amazing crew of team members who have worked on this from early on. They have an amazing large set of volunteers to help with what seems to be literally everything (including much help available to the vendors).

I was SO right that I needed to be here. It’s all good.

And with that I hope to close my eyes and sleep. Five minutes should be all it takes to be out cold…