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Archive for August 17th, 2009

Sock Summit Once More

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I’m still trying to emotionally/mentally process my overwhelming/wonderful trip to Portland, Oregon for the Sock Summit. I am sure things are changing for me as an artist/designer/teacher. I am not sure what this will be, but I am pondering possibilities. Meanwhile, here are some photos from that week.

The vendor booth of Yarn Hollow, where I worked part of the weekend. (Yarn Hollow is owned by the artful dyer Rita Pettys, near Grand Rapids, Michigan.)


The line to get in to the market on the first day. What you can not see here, is that the crowd started singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall” and then changed it to “99 skeins of yarn on the wall,” as they were waiting for the doors to open.

For the record, the line went to the back wall, then made a u-turn and came all the way back to the front where I was standing. LOTS of socknitters!


Approaching the Convention Center from the light-rail system (like a subway but above ground). I stayed at an International Hostel in another neighborhood, so I got to ride public transit each day and see the city more than if I’d been stuck in just one area.

Have I mentioned how much I love big cities? How I “collect subways?” Actually, I collect public transit systems. I’ve now been on trains or buses in Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Cairo. And I’ve ridden the Detroit People Mover, though it is more like a tourist attraction than real transit system. But I digress…


I have many more photos, but this will need to suffice for now. Thanks for sticking around.

Slow and Simple

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Today I will practice the artform of slowing down. I slept in two days in a row, maybe I feel human again.

I made pancakes with strawberries for brunch (got up too late to call it breakfast). I’m listening to Steppin’ in It‘s latest CD.

There is plenty of work for me to do, but no deadlines today. Nobody is expecting me to show up at a particular time. I have two shops to visit today, and will enjoy that.


I am practicing gratitude as my life theme, and it is making all things nicer. I remain grateful, especially, to those who buy my patterns/classes/yarn. These people, even those who buy a single pattern, contribute to my choice of work.

I have the enviable position of making my primary living as a knitting professional. I could not do it without every single supporter, no matter how small.

All of you reading this, everyone who takes a class, every shop who asks me for patterns or a scheduled class… all of you make things work as part of a whole.

It’s a wonderful life!

A Portland Fire Escape for Paz

Monday, August 17th, 2009

My friend Paz likes taking photos of fire escapes. She lives in New York City, where there are many. In Lansing, there are few.

I took this photo out of the window of the public transit train in Portland, Oregon. While I assemble more photos and longer stories for you, here is a lovely city view…