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Archive for August 22nd, 2009

Snicklefritz Socks: Pair 174

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

I needed a quick finish and got one. I cast on this pair of socks on Monday night. I finished them and started wearing them on Saturday night. Score.

Pair 174, Snicklefritz Socks


For knitters out there, the yarn is Snicklefritz (an independent dyer). It’s Cashmere/Merino/Nylon. I can not find it on Ravelry, the Snicklefritz website or the Snicklefritz Etsy page. It’s nice… a DK-weight super-comfy yarn. Sorry I can’t tell you how to get it right away.

She does subtle colorways for the most part, this was the closest to my electric-neon color preferences in her booth. I love this colorway, subtle or not, and the yarn was a delight as it ran through my fingers.

The design I sort of made up on the needles. I’m playing with a new toe-up cast on, and I’m liking this idea so far.

The toe increases in a 4 part swirl. I put in waste yarn for the heel marker, proceeded to the top, did a purl/eyelet top, and then went back and made an afterthought heel. The heel is in 4 parts, similar to the toe but knit the other direction).

I love this structure. I began this pair so fast, that I started with the yarn I had and the needles I had closest at hand.


That means I am using DK-weight yarn on size 4 needles. That’s what I use for hats and baby sweaters, but I prefer smaller needles for socks (using DK weight yarn) as a rule.

The result? Very soft, squishy, flexible socks with a bit of slouch at the ankle. Not a true slouch sock but very comfy.

With this more relaxed gauge, these may be best worn with shoes or in bed, rather than scuffing about on carpet at home in them (as slippers). I may wear them out more quickly than usual at that relaxed gauge, but I have no regrets. My feet are happy, wearing them right now.

Fast can be good!

I think I’m a little bit like a 3rd grader. Sometimes finishing is more important than what one finishes. Just finish something!!!!!

Note: Spent the night Friday in Chicago, visiting my Goddaughter Sara (age 24). I’m wiped out and need to crash early. Travel is lovely but it makes me tired. I did get photos and will share soon.