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Archive for August 24th, 2009

Beads, Just for Fun

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Just for Fun, Just for Me

I taught polymer clay two days in a row. Between the two classes, I was able to put together some clay “canes” (patterns) and make these fun beads for myself.
I strung them, for this photo, on a short length of Aspen yarn (wool/acrylic bulky). It is so round, it sort of begs for embellishment around a neck. Eventually, I would like to have a few more beads and maybe an I-cord or silk kumihimo (specialized Japanese cord weaving/braiding, see example) instead of the yarn.

Time for a Change

I am a mean boss to myself sometimes. I have been “under the gun” with my work for so long I have not allowed myself to play. After a long stretch, several years, of not feeling well, I got really behind on planned projects, particularly pattern development.

Once I felt better, I pushed myself to catch up on years-delayed projects. The Chippy Socks, Road-Tested Legwarmers, Toe-Up Mittens, and ZigBagz (Maxi and Mini Collections) were the result of that push. My mom’s very-beginner-reading books were also on the list, and those are in the very last stages before printing.

I’m glad I got those done. But it has been over a year now, and I need to change gears and be more gentle with myself.

I am clear that I am at the breaking point with pushing too hard. I must create for me, for a while, to get a little creative passion burning inside me again. This set of beads was a nice start.