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Archive for August 25th, 2009

Chicago, that Toddlin’ Town…

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

More Travel for LynnH

I visited my Goddaughter, Sara, in Chicago, Friday night. This is the end of her 3-month living/working in the big city.


I was delighted to be invited to peek at her life, one she has dreamed of for a while. (I took her to Chicago for her High School graduation present, and now she has graduated from College… maybe it’s my fault.)

She is 23 and living on her own, in a city where she knows almost nobody. She loves it. I loved being there with her.

It was a whirlwind trip. I was out of Lansing for less than 24 hours (Chicago is a drive of 3.5 to 5 hours, depending on traffic). I must confess, I love Chicago so much that I don’t mind being totally stopped in traffic if I can see the skyline. See the red brake lights? Same photo as above, without cropping…


I took a photo of a spiral fire escape for Paz. This was in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, where Sara is living.


I took a nighttime skyline photo from the roof of Sara’s building. The roof had a nice social area, like a patio, and she says normally it is full of folks relaxing after the workday is done. We were up there in misting drizzle, so there was only one other person up there while we were.


And of course, I got a nice skyline photo of the city from the north, coming south… also stopped on the highway. This photo can be seen much larger if you click on it. I think it has the look of an early 1960’s architectural drawing, the way the colors are limited.


Cities are Sometimes about Food

We ate Indian food at a place she enjoys. We had breakfast at a place near her home which she had not tried before. It had normal breakfast food and excellent service, and was bustling with families on a Saturday morning.

Stretching a Bit

She wanted me to see the movie “Singing in the Rain.” I’m not a movie person at all (the last movie/video I saw was The Lion King, when it first came out in the theatre).

However, I am a dancer and singer of 1920’s music. She knew I would like this film, and she was right. We watched her DVD together. I was surprised to see that some songs Brian and I sing, were in the movie. (Fit as a Fiddle, Good Morning, and another I can’t think of right now.)

She Still Calls Me at Age 23! Score!

It was mostly just about being with “My Sara.” I am so glad I took the time. What a lovely whirlwind trip it was!