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Archive for August 28th, 2009

Student/Friend Knit Successes

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Enough about me, and my own knitting. Let’s see some student/friend works!

Presbytera is knitting a sock with my handpainted yarn. (I’m having some trouble showing the colors properly, but the sock is as good as it looks right here.) Nice job, grrl!


Kim felted her second Maxi Zigbag (she is almost done with a third). Yes, it is relatively electric in color… I wish I’d made this one:


Mary finished a Chippy Sock Class and this was how her project looked at the end of our sessions:


I also taught a great Kaleidoscope Cane Polymer Clay class to Gwen and Melinda, and forgot my camera. Sigh. Trust me, a great time and very fine projects.

Next week I go back to teaching kids on Wednesdays at Rae’s. I think that means summer is pretty much over with. Right now, it’s chilly and rainy. I’m wearing wool socks, legwarmers, sweater, and a shawl. Brrr.

Though it seems we had no summer this year after the worst winter ever, I can’t complain. I do like wool, and chilly is good for the yarn/knitting business as a whole. That makes it good for me. It looks like I will be having a good number of beginner students at Rae’s shop very soon. What fun that will be!

A Few Videos

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Un-Threatening Embroidery Lesson

I love to embroider. I love the feel of a sewing needle in my hand. These days I am seeing more work using a sewing needle to embellish, and I continue to encounter knitters who do not feel comfortable holding that sort of needle.

I found myself on Youtube and found this very young, hip, edgy crafts video by “Threadbanger.” It looks a bit like a magazine/podcast but with moving pictures, I’m not familiar with this sort of publication myself.

They went to Austin, TX and interviewed a young embridery artist who has an online business selling embroidery supplies and Very. Simple. Instructions. I liked her directness and simplicity in the short lesson. Here is the
video which includes an embroidery lesson

Dogs, Shepherds, and Sheep, as Art

And for those not into working with your hands or thread/yarn, even you will surely be inspired, amazed, and delighted by Extreme Sheep Herding

For the Record

Remember, I don’t like video/TV/movies as a rule. The sheep herding thing is so good, I’ve watched it twice already.

It includes not one, but four amazing (though short) projects using a herd of sheep and very, very talented dogs and shepherds. What skill! What a great sense of humor, as well!