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Archive for September 2nd, 2009

Tomatoes as Art

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

I am in love with the fresh foods available to me right now. Allen Street Neighborhood Market is only one place, but I pass the location every day. I do my best to pass it on Wednesdays during market hours (so that I can detour for a moment and buy fresh food). We love greens, I love fresh beets, we like trying new vegetables we don’t know yet.


And this year, we are enjoying tomatoes. Friend Rita gave me several types of tomatoes in all shapes, sizes and colors last week, I think Tuesday. Friends Melinda and Pete gave us several handsful of red cherry tomatoes. All of these were home grown. All were wonderful.

And the heirloom green ones? They sort of look yellow-green with darker green striped on the skin? Look at how lovely they are inside.

Parts of the tomato look almost blue-green inside, it’s hard to get that color on screen. I thought for a second that they looked almost like gummy bears, they were so shiny and translucent. They were also absolutely delicious, ripe and tasty. I feel so lucky to have had a chance to try these!


We have made salsa this week, which we ate with fresh yellow peppers, fresh cilantro from the market, and black beans with cumin and olive oil. We made greens in a pseudo-African way, with sauteed onions and tomatoes. And two days in a row, I had my version of a Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich.

An interesting fact: I have never had a BLT before this week. As a child I heartily rejected foods with even one drop of fresh tomato juice on them. As an adult, I discovered locally-grown tomatoes, but I had to give up yeast foods including bread back in 1991. No bread? No sandwich.

Well, my mother figured out how to make a version of Irish Soda Bread made with 100% oat flour, no wheat. Hers turns out pretty darned stable, and I can even put it in the toaster. Breads with no wheat, yeast or Xanthan gum usually are crumbly and not slice-able. Mom’s works.

So I made some of Mom’s bread. Mind wasn’t that stable. Sigh. It crumbled apart for the most part, but I forced the issue by being very light-handed, and I made my first BLT sandwich ever. Here she is:


Ingredients in My Lynn-Friendly BLT:
Oat Soda Bread
Organic Mayo (I like Hellman’s better, sigh)
Red Slicing Tomatoes by Rita
Nitrite/Nitrate-free Organic Turkey Bacon (from Foods For Living grocery)
Organic Romaine lettuce (from Goodrich Shop Rite)

I must admit, the turkey bacon is not as salty or crispy as “real” bacon, but I just can’t have that for a million reasons. This was quite satisfying, nonetheless. And it nurtured me rather than making me feel funny, I’m all for compromises like that.

I’m sad that the weather is turning chilly. I’m more than delighted that the foods I always enjoy, are getting more plentiful and even more luscious than usual!

Happy Harvest!

Summer? Relaxing?

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

eudorabasketsparrow09-smSomehow August is gone. It is like someone changed the channel of the TV, as far as the weather outside.

It seems now it’s impossible to go for a walk after dinner without dark, and the second the sun is behind as much as a tiny twig, it gets chilly. Even when it’s warm during the day, it is definitely autumn warm rather than summer warm.

The good part of the new season? Wool. Well, that’s one good part. It seems that music and dance are really revving up somehow, as harvest season is upon us. And I’m all for busy, in the performance areas of my life.

Last week Wednesday, Brian and I (The Fabulous Heftones) sang at Allen Street Neighborhood Market’s Tomato Festival. Saturday we sang at Holt Hometown Festival. This coming Saturday we head out of town to sing and do workshops, at Thumbfest. The next weekend is our favorite music festival to attend, Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI (about an hour north of Lansing).

The next weekend? Harvest Gathering, where on Friday there will be another version of the Vaudeville show we did at the downtown Lansing Methodist church several months back. And the weekend following that, we go to Milwaukee Wisconsin to sing at the Milwaukee Ukefest.


Add to that a number of dance performances, and it’s crazy-busy in the on-stage part of my life. It’s all very good, I have no complaints.

The photos today are of Habibi Dancers (I’m the one solo, basket on head), at Sparrow Hospital’s Diversity Days celebration, last week. I just love dancing there, it is great fun, and it’s right in the same (Eastside) neighborhood as Rae’s Yarn Boutique, Allen Street Neighborhood Center, and Foster Community Center. Home, sweet home.

Mom & Lynn Photo

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

lynnmomfarmmarket16Last week, Brian and I played for the Tomato Festival at Allen Street Neighborhood Market. What a wonderful scene that is! There is fresh-grown food everywhere, much of it organic. There are people of all walks of life, a true collage of cityfolk. It makes me very happy to be there.

Mom came out to hear us sing. Yes, that incredible author/illustrator Mom I’ve been talking about. She was dressed so cheerfully (can you see where my love of color came from?)
that I asked to have our photo taken. It was a great day!