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Archive for September 8th, 2009

The Joy of Sox/Hot Waves Design

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I am so excited! Lark books has a new book out entitled Joy of Sox (please purchase locally if possible). It is a collection of sock designs by many designers, edited by Linda Kopp. I have one design in this book, entitled Hot Waves. Here she is!


I have been published before. I had five designs over three years, in Heels and Toes Gazette, a publication for socknitters. That was published by Dawn Brocco, who really helped mold me into a better pattern writer.

I also had a pattern in the now-defunct MagKnits, an online free knitting magazine. (My pattern now available here.) However, this is the first full-sized book with my work in it. This is incredibly exciting.

I do not submit to major magazines, at least I have chosen not to do that so far. I have not sought out books, either.

My 3-D Sketch

In this case, Lark Books contacted me and asked me to submit. I sent them three possible ideas. LynnHershbergerSock3HotWavesTo the right, I show the “sketch” representing the idea which became Hot Waves.

For the record, I feel handicapped when I need to work in two dimensions. Pencils and markers feel foreign to my hands, so I sketch by swatching with yarn on the needles.

I was a little worried about the strange shape of my sketch. This design includes afterthought heels, which are decreased in a more gradual way than a standard afterthought. This means they look strange when blocked flat from the side, though they fit great!

It clearly worked for Lark, this time. I am delighted.

Two Colorways, Two Sizes

The red/purple/apricot pair were completed on July 10, 2008 and sent to Lark for a photo shoot. They were required to be a size that would fit the model (medium).

I have smaller feet, and wanted a pair for myself. When the book arrived about 3 weeks ago, I started a pair in electric colors just for me. Rae Blackledge (of Rae’s Yarn Boutique and Extravayarnza handpainted yarns) dyed me three electric colors of very-LynnH contrasting “shaded solid” yarns in her fingering-weight “string theory” sock yarn.

I cast on last week some time, and finished the first sock Sunday. This is a photo of it, all done except for joining the heel:


For some reason, the web does not do well with replicating any of these colors. The turquoise is about true, as is the Apricot. The other four colors suffer in the translation. If you can imagine, the green is even more vibrant in person than it is on this screen! I love it.

A Contest!!!

Lark Books has provided me with a copy of Joy of Sox to give away here. I had some fun thinking of what I would like to do as a contest. Since I am ColorJoy and the book also has Joy in it, I am going to have a seven-day period of ColorJoyfulness here. You may enter once every day, from today (Tuesday, September 8 ) until next Monday.


I am going to ask for color descriptions from you. You may describe these things in the comments, in words, which will gain you one entry in the contest.

You may also link to a photograph somewhere on the web. If you provide me a link, you will
get a total of two entries, one for the words and one for the link.

Be aware that if you put a link in your post, I have to approve it before it appears on my site. The blog software thinks that if you put a link in a comment, you must be trying to sell me medication or something… so be patient, I will approve you as quickly as I can and you will see your comment show up at that time.

The Question of the Day

The Hot Waves socks call for three colors of yarn. They need to contrast enough that you can see the striping and the nine rows of two-color stranded knitting. If you were to knit these socks, which colors would you choose?

larksockyarnIf you link to a photo today, it does not need to be a photo of three balls of yarn. Maybe it is a favorite shirt with the three contrasting colors. Maybe it is your couch with two favorite pillows, maybe the three towels on your towel rack. Maybe it is a delivery van painted in a fascinating color combination, or three crayon colors. Perhaps you like a logo for an online business.

See what you come up with! It is the color combination that matters, not the source for your inspiration.

Make sure you enter your email address properly in your entry, because that is how I will contact the winner next Tuesday by midnight Eastern time, to get a mailing address. If I have no response in a week from that person, I will choose a second name.

Let the fun begin!!!