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Archive for September 11th, 2009

Color as Pure Entertainment: ColorJoy

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Color for Joy

isabelsidewalkchalkI got out colored pencils this week and doodled. I purposely doodled on a crumpled brown envelope, so that I would not think it needed to be refined. The idea was pure joy, just putting colors together.

Here is a photograph of my beloved friend Isabel (who started Kindergarten this week Tuesday). She came over and we played with sidewalk chalk.

She and her friend Bea (also 5 yrs old)  made sure I got to do this, I had never done it before. I’m just too old to have had the supplies as a child, that’s sort of a new thing since I grew up.

I found that when I drew with a piece of chalk, my whole arm drew, not just a few fingers. I generally tighten up when I try to sketch or draw. Friends talk about the “line quality” in drawings. My lines do not have a sense of quality or flow, as a rule. The sidewalk chalk was different, and I enjoyed that feeling.

Other Color Fun

Sometimes I embellish with fabric paints, which is fun. I have used fabric paints both on cell phones and magnetic sheets (made star magnets for my car, and a sock-shaped magnet as well).

I have used fingernail polish to embellish many, many household items and gizmos, including the pictured thermos and a palm “pilot” device. For someone who does not use polish on her fingers, I have more colors than anyone might imagine!

Question of the Day

In order to enter my one-week contest to win a Joy of Sox book, leave me a comment. Leave me a link to a photo to get an extra bonus entry!

How do you use color as pure joy in your own life? Do you choose clothing for fun, do you assemble foods on the plate thinking of their colors? Are crayons, sidewalk chalk, finger paint in your life? How do you experience “ColorJoy” in your own daily living?