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Archive for September 13th, 2009

When is Color not Literally Color?

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Color as Joy/Joy as Color/ColorJoy as Creativity

I sometimes think about the concept of “ColorJoy” (which I define as living every day artfully and creatively). I want it to encompass more than just literal hues, values, intensities of color we can see with our eyes.

twoducksoldtownA new knitting acquaintance sometimes calls me Joy rather than Lynn. I love that! I answer to it. I have never had a nickname that stuck, but I am enjoying this one. I hope that I *live* Joy as well as talk about it.

The photo today is of two ducks my friend Cynthia and I noticed on a walk in Old Town, Lansing, Michigan earlier this year. They were occupying the space between the sidewalk and the street. Just noticing them “colored” our day with a bit of wonder. They were able to be rather calm with us walking very close by.

Now, talking about color instead of our walk, I notice the yellow weeds and the many shades of color in the ducks’ feathers.

Color as Color, or Not

A friend’s husband is 100% colorblind. He sees variations on gray, that is it. He asks if color is really that good. For me, the answer is yes.

I find it fascinating to learn that one of his favorite shirts is a tie-dyed shirt in a riotous rainbow of color. I asked him what it looks like to him. He replied “Tiger Stripes.”

But when we talk about a musical instrument, we sometimes talk about the color of the tone. In a more crude sense, we talk about “colorful” language at times (at the very least, this implies passion, though perhaps not refinement). Could we not also talk about coffee or wine, saying that the color of its scent or the color of its aroma might be vibrant or muted?

What Color?

Once little Isabel asked me this: “What color is music?” I love that question. I’m inclined to say it is a rainbow, but that may be far too simple for an authentic answer.

I may be pushing this idea too much, but your input will let me know if I am off base too far.

Living in ColorJoy

Let us talk about ColorJoy rather than literal color. What ColorJoyful experiences are in your life? Do you find that choosing clothing (an artful act for some) in the morning, makes your heart sing? Do you love pairing red tomatoes with yellow bell peppers and green lettuce?

If ColorJoy is “Art as an Everyday Attitude,” then where in your day do you approach things in a more creative way than required? Do you choose purple writing pens? Do you allow yourself a better-quality bottle of olive oil or bar of imported chocolate at times, and savor the quality?

Do you seek out special items that are hard to find? Mexican Vanilla? Sandals in green rather than brown? Do you wear unmatching socks for fun? Do you have a favorite color, which makes you smile every time you see it?

Do you choose a special flavor which makes you feel nurtured or happy? Is there a texture (velvet, linen) that makes your life more pleasant? Is there a special scent which takes you back to good times?

Question(s) of the Day

What is ColorJoyful in your own life? In which parts of your life does “Art as an Everyday Attitude” apply?

If you do not feel this is currently in your life, does the concept make your heart sing? Do you think it’s too poetic for every day? Is it corny (it is not, to me, but I understand we all think differently)? Do you have an idea where you might start to live this way, if you like the concept and are so inclined?

One comment, words only, gets you one entry in the Joy of Sox book giveaway. A link to a photo inside that comment, gets you a bonus entry. I look forward to hearing from you!