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Archive for September 16th, 2009

And the Winner is…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

hotwavesonbook12Thank you to everyone who has been with me over the last week or so. It has surely been a celebration for me, not only because of my Hot Waves design in the book, Joy of Sox… but because of you.

Many of you have been here before this contest. Some of you have been reading my words for many years (I started blogging November 28, 2002).

Some of you are new here, because of the book. I am delighted to meet you! Let us hope we can get to  know one another more as time passes.

I understand that we visit blogs much more often than we comment (me, too). I can’t tell you how lovely it is to hear from my blog friends, especially when I have special events.

Another Fun Week in November

I expect to have another contest of some sort, for my blogiversary. That would be November 28. For my friends who enjoy a question week at ColorJoy, do consider commenting with me that week again.


The Details

I got 90 entries in all, from a total of 21 participants (thanks, to the repeat visitors). Elizabeth, Diana and Stacey tied for  the highest number of total entries, with 14 each (7 text and 7 image). Some of you entered with one text entry only. I appreciate every one of you.

The Winner!

The winner? Riin, of Happy Fuzzy Yarn and Fairy YarnMother. For the record, she won with the 11th entry of the 90 I got. Her comment was dated 9/8 and was for a photograph, a bonus entry which was paired with a text comment.


Riin’s entry? She answered the question about what colors she might choose for knitting my Hot Waves Sock. She said:

Ooh, great sock! I would probably do dark reddish purple, deep magenta, and a saturated pumpkiny-mustardy yellow-orange, much like the colors I used in this yarn but with a bit darker purple and more saturated pink and orange. Yum!

You can see that we all get quite enthusiastic about color around here at ColorJoy! I’ve known hotwaves2colorwayscroppedRiin for a number of years, we met at a knitting group an hour away from my home. I loved that group, but I currently need to teach on Tuesday nights. It’s a joy to stay in touch, even though Tuesdays have changed for us both.

Another Thank You to All

It sort of breaks my heart… 92 entries/21 participants, and one book to give away. Sigh. We all know that Lark Books is not going to send me 21 books for everyone who came by, but I can dream…

Not Yet…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday have been full of deadlines (not all finished yet), with not just a date but a time involved. It’s a time where it seems there isn’t time to eat. I ate anyway. I slept, too.

I’ll get a winner, probably very late Wednesday. Sorry for the wait!

(Image is a self-addressed envelope I made years ago, with “rubber stamps” I carved from erasers. If you have not tried carving erasers, I highly recommend the experience.)