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Archive for October 3rd, 2009

Article on Barbara Hranilovich

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

I’ve known Barbara Hranilovich for well over a decade. We met originally through Working Women Artists, a guild of local women who created with many diverse media. All were welcome, and I met many great women through that group.

eisforentrepreneurHer artwork is often very colorful, and it has a smile glowing through each image. I have a few pieces she made and I count them precious. If you live where there are Biggby coffeeshops, you no doubt have seen some of her work (on coffee tumblers as well as other spots).

(For a wonderful coffee-carrying product, the Caddi, which Barbara invented and now produces/sells herself, visit http://getthecaddi.com )

Barbara was the one I overheard one day saying there was a very good yarn shop that I hadn’t known was around. I didn’t want yarn then, but when I decided to knit socks I knew where to go. So she at least was a help for me when I found myself sliding into this lifestyle I now lead.

Barb is multitalented. She is a fine artist, a commercial artist, an entrepreneur, a thinking woman. I find that since I work in a company of one, I seek out other women in the same situation. She always lifts me up, though we don’t connect often.

She recently wrote a book called E is for Entrepreneur. I get it out whenever I feel too alone making decisions just with me, myself and I as a management team.

Never stop learning, even if you have talent.

This is all to lead up to an article which you can read on MSU Catalyst online. The article is called Teaching the Art of Business… but it is about much more than that. It gives a real sense of Barbara, I think it is quite well presented.

Perhaps you’d like to check out that article? And you might also enjoy following her on Twitter, where her username is Hranilovich.