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Archive for October 25th, 2009

Knitting Content

Sunday, October 25th, 2009


I have been working on my mohair sweater, but squares of fuzzy turquoise do not make good photos. It’s going well, some days more than others.

For the knitters out there, I’m knitting it flat for a few reasons… and I finished the back already. The front is done from bottom to past where I had to split it for the neck. I have less than 10 rows left, and a bind off.

At that point, I will sew the front and back together. My pattern tells me to knit sleeves up from the cuff, flat, then sew them in. I disagree, and I’m the one knitting so I’ll change it.

I will, instead, pick up and knit the sleeve from the top down, which gives me a chance to adjust if the length looks like it is off. It also lets me knit in the round on double-pointed needles, which just plain works well for me. That’s the plan as of now. There is no way I’ll finish it tonight, I’m already starting to doze a bit here at the keyboard, but it’s not too far from a whole new phase.

Arm Warmers

I also am working on some super-quick armwarmers, like legwarmers but for arms. These are ribbed tubes, and out of a yarn called Bizarre.

The yarn’s got one “bizarre” color in it (mustard) which I’m cutting a bit to decrease its presence in the final item. It does wash very well, and goes in and out of the dryer with ease and finesse. Lovely stuff.

The yarn is designed to look a bit random. We do not expect any balls of yarn to match or go along with others, even from the same dye lot. Even the same bag.

So imagine my surprise, when I found that 2 balls I just “randomly” picked off the shelf, start and end with the same colors, and present their colors in the same order. I mean, these armwarmers are going to almost match and I had no idea that might happen.

I showed this one armwarmer to my Goddaughter, Sara (Age 23 or 24) last night. She loved them. Loved. That was very satisfying to me. It’s good for me that she’s very sensitive to wool content, or I might have wanted to give her this pair. I’ll figure out something.

I’m turning into a pumpkin, wow do I need sleep tonight!