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Archive for October 30th, 2009


Friday, October 30th, 2009


Today I feel grateful. The weather is pretty warm, though it’s raining and blowing wind like crazy. However, it’s not snow. And for some reason today when the rain was pounding on our roof window, I imagined how I could be in a tent instead of my warm house. It made autumn seem fine at the moment.


I saw 5 year old friend Isabel today. I had my camera but not its special battery (sigh). No photos, but she was the Little Mermaid complete with wig. Very cool, very sparkly and shiny.

I had not seen her since Kindergarten started 2 months ago. It was really great to see her. She is learning Chinese in school. She wanted to know if I knew how to draw a particular Chinese character. I didn’t even know what she was talking about!



I’m knitting like a fiend, the way I like it. I finished a One-Day NeckWarmer on Thursday night, in a grand total of 10 hours from cast on to bind off. I even blocked it (but the ends still need working in). Photo above.

It’s in softer colors than I normally knit. Lovely and subtle and feminine… and I got a bit bored with the colors. Not the knitting, but the color changes were not as interesting as I wanted them to be.

No matter, it was a day ago already. I started a Vegan version (no animal products). The green is  Mirasol T’ika cotton, a scrumptious yarn I adore (most cottons do not make me happy).  The turquoise is Lavold Bamboucle, a mostly bamboo yarn with a fascinating texture. It has tiny little loops on the surface, like the finest terrycloth you ever saw.


The two yarns used together are a delight. One is shiny and smooth, the other is bumpy and textured. One reflects light, the other soaks it up. I am enjoying this knit immensely.

Off to knit…!