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Archive for November 2nd, 2009

Costuming is an Artform

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Regular visitors here know that I believe how we dress ourselves each day is essentially costuming. I enjoy costuming very much, and for me and some others it can be an artform. Some days I spend little time on the art part, but often I really enjoy putting pieces together.

Saturday I wore more traditional “costumes.” During the day when I taught at Rae’s shop, I wore my “Judy Jetson” outfit, not at all copied from any cartoon but inspired by the thought. When I was in the musical comedy “Pippin” at Riverwalk Theatre (back in 1992 or 1993), this was my costume. It was made just for me. I have worn it only a few times (it is not really warm enough for Halloween).

Since it had been in the 60’s F the day before, pretty warm for this time of year, I woke up thinking that my space suit should be the costume of the day. I should have worn longjohns underneath that unitard, it was downright chilly even with the legwarmers and sheer black shrug.

Fortunately, I had a sample shawl at my house made with greens and grays, and a little blue and purple (it was knit by Diana, my Sis-in-Love, for a store sample about 2 years ago). It worked OK with my funny outfit.

You can see a photo Elizabeth took of me in that outfit on her Picasa album, here .

At dinnertime Brian and I went to  Altu’s to sing. We usually costume ourselves in formalwear… heftonesaltusbyhanno12he wears a tux and I wear a gown. This time we chose to wear a few Hawaiian garments which were probably created in the early 1970’s. That was fun, although I remained a bit chilly (I did wear some legwarmers under the full-length dress, but long sleeves would have been more comfy).

Regina and Hanno took turns taking photos of us on stage, with  my camera. I think this one was taken by Hanno, but I can’t be sure. Thanks to both of them for helping out. We surely can not take photos of ourselves while we are on stage!!!