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Archive for November 29th, 2009

Back to “Normal?”

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

I think there is no normal, really… and especially none from late November to early January. My family did what we call Thanks-Christmas in late October (?), so we start early.

This past week we had Brian’s family Thanksgiving, and my birthday on Saturday. My first standard yearly holiday party will be held this Wednesday, and I’ve got a birthday gathering to attend Friday.

There will be a few more gatherings the next week. I love it that we celebrate loving one another at this time of year. I don’t love the extra-booked schedule that can happen.

In this weather, I like staying home but that must wait until January. I’m trying to anchor myself a little during this time of celebration and schedule-upheaval.

As a self-employed person, I can be the meanest boss I ever had. I don’t usually get a whole day off, but I am good at counting a half day as a mini-rest/vacation. My ability to sit still and write is often best after dinner, so I tend to work past midnight (though I do get up later to make up for it).

So it was odd and wonderful, that I gave myself a week off. I did not teach from 11am last Tuesday and I’m due in to teach at 6pm Monday. It was a true rest.

Now, sometimes I take vacations, and sometimes they are that long, but almost always that means I travel and visit with loved ones. I can not remember the last time (if ever) I stayed home for a week to rest.

I remember back in about 1988 I stayed home a week to work on my house, a full time work load renovating a 1940s house which had been rental for decades. I do love to travel, so I often will take a long weekend to Toronto or Chicago (both driving distance) or even a day trip to Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids.

Home? Rest? Not me. Not until this week.

So it was a good discovery to find that I really had a good time. It did take me a few days to sit still and knit for my personal projects, without feeling a bit guilty. But I got into it and actually did relax a bit. I did a little reading, a lot of surfing, and a good bit of knitting.

I hope I remember to do this again, sometime. It was nice.