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Archive for November 30th, 2009

Missing in Inaction

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Sunday, I decided I would like to get out a project that just has not worked out yet. I made a front/back and sleeves for a funnel-neck top, back in December of 2005 (see photo). I used my knitting machine to make it, which was a bit of an experiment. To say the least, I am under-experienced both in machine knitting and sweater knitting,  but I did figure it out for the most part.

The pieces came out the right size. However, I did odd things on the edges and found the shoulders difficult to sew together.

Mind you, I am highly skilled with a sewing needle. I don’t know what was so hard, but I’ve tried to sew this thing together several times over the years and ended up with nasty holes on my shoulders each time.

The Missing Piece

SO Sunday I decided I would figure out some way to connect those sweater pieces, any way that worked, even if it were not an ideal solution. And I went to my box of unfinished projects. And got the sweater out. And it was missing one sleeve.

Ack! I could not find the dratted sleeve. Now, I’ve been promising myself I would organize the yarn/project stash for a long time. I did make it look pleasant not long ago, when our friend Rev came to stay with us. But that was looks, not function.


So this became the time to act. I pulled out bins. I made sure things were in the bin they should be in. I found a few bins for un-knit yarn which had half-knit projects in them, and separated them properly. Still no sleeve.

A Rogue Ball O’Yarn

When I went to put a box back in its appointed cubby, I looked more carefully. There was a red ball of yarn stuck between the back of the shelf unit and the wall! It looked pathetic, like a prisoner held captive.

This ball has never belonged on the top shelf of these shelves. However, that is the only way I can figure it could have ended up where it was this weekend.

Go figure. It took some pushing and prodding with knitting needles to get it free. Still no sleeve.


Organized Like Never Before

I opened my big “trunk” full of unfinished objects (UFO’s). I literally took everything out, wiped out the inside clean, put each project in its own clear bag and put it back in the right spot. Still no sleeve.

I untangled some epic messes, yarn balls attached to projects which were not related at all. I threw away more yarn than I thought I could bear to part with… all bits and pieces not useable for anything, but tossed just the same.

And then when it was getting down to the last 10% or so, I looked down next to the big trunk full o’projects. And there, sitting next to the three sweater pieces which had previously been sewed together… on the floor… was the missing sleeve. Back from its visit to a black hole or Narnia or some such place.

Beats me.

By this time, it was so many hours past midnight, I could not start sewing. Another day.