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Archive for December 1st, 2009

How I Like to Approach the Holidays

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

snowmanhead25In our family, we celebrate Christmas/Yule. My holiday parties (those where I attend, having been invited by someone) start tomorrow and go through at least December 20.

I guess it’s good to be forced to get out of the house during dark days. It is also good to celebrate our relationships, and this seems to be how society does it, around me.

I read on Susan (GT)’s Art and Words blog, a pondering of what she wants to do for holidays, now that her daughter is not in her house. Her daughter would typically ask for specific holiday items/trimmings, but this year is different.

Susan says:

…The question is what do I want? The answer, I’m not sure.

What cookies do I really love to bake? What do I want to light up with lights? How many decorations do I really want to get out and set up?

What do you love to do for the holidays around your home? Share your favorite and maybe we can inspire each other to bring light as well as lightness to this dark time of year.

I was inspired to comment. Maybe you will have opinions, too. I wrote:

  • I like peace and quiet, and days alone at home with my beloved Brian. I like not fussing.
  • Cookies are too much work, for me. I don’t enjoy them enough to do that kind of work.
  • Apple/Cranberry Crumble is easy once the apples are cut up, and there is no crust to fuss with. I make it when I am inclined to make it, not when someone decides I must bake.
  • I like making soup in the crock pot which does not need watching.
  • I like the strings of Christmas lights which we leave up on the windows all year, and plug in from November-March while the sun is so absent.
  • I like as many one-on-one meetups with friends, over tea either at a locally owned cafe’ or at my house, as I can pull off.
  • I like going on a walk with Brian after we eat our simple Christmas meal together, alone.
  • I like having what we call “Thanks-Christmas” with my family, in late October, and having that be less schedule-crunching when everyone else is inviting me somewhere.
  • I like “less is more” for holidays. If our tree goes, up, it’s because Brian decides to put it up. Last year we had our (1940’s silver tinsel) tree but no decorations upon it. It still bounced light around the house and made it festive.
  • I think holidays are about celebrating relationship. About telling those I love that I love them, one more time.

I don’t need trappings or “traditions” to do that. I need ease, and peace, and time with people, as much as I can one at a time.