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Archive for December 5th, 2009

This Designer’s Desktop

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

I just noticed what my screen looked like, for some reason. It sort of shows how my Friday went.


Here is a snapshot in my day. I had ten programs/main windows open. I was working in PhotoShop, and in that program I had 5 documents open at the same time.

Somehow this sort of computer clutter is normal here, it makes sense for me. I do OK with “multitasking” on my computer, much better than I do with piles of papers or yarn.

I am working on the pattern for my upcoming new design, an Andean-inspired hat with optional ear flaps. I have wanted to do this for a few years now, since I found myself the proud owner of some authentic hats of this sort (back in fall of 2004).

The ones I have are at a tiny gauge, tiny yarn, tiny stitches. However, the symbols I used here are found on the authentic ones. This is of course executed in “modern” fatter yarns, which will make it more accessible to more knitters in my realm.

I am teaching polymer clay at Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Michigan, on Saturday. Class is noon till 4pm, and I am very excited. I have a roomful of folks signed up, we will make it a bit of a party for sure.

But I do have an advertisement running on this hat design. Some folks are waiting for me to contact them when it is available.

Already on Ravelry there have been 33 knitters who have marked this design as a favorite (even though it is not published yet). Five people have queued it, which officially means it’s in line waiting for its turn to be first. (Some folks use their queue for other purposes.)

I keep plugging…