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Archive for December 23rd, 2009

Another Long Day

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Painting, First

Today I spent a bit over 8 hours at Altu’s restaurant. The good part? I am painting her newdecorative basket-weave stripe and it looks great. It’s not done, but it’s perhaps 80% done.

After fussing and mulling over options (what colors, size, placement), we nailed a good combination of details. I’m glad.

Knitting, Next


I came home, had dinner after 10pm, put on warm cozy clothing, and went back to work on the Keys & Coins hat pattern.

I got a few new photos taken for illustrations in the pattern (but not downloaded from the camera yet). I finished an ear flap. I now have a whole pile of ear flaps which need blocking and sewing onto their hats.


Wednesday, I hope I have a lighter schedule. I get to sleep in, then Altu and I will enjoy lunch out, away from the restaurant. I will return there to finish at least all the painting in the main restaurant (I am not sure if I am doing the hallway, and if I am, that will wait for later).

THEN I get to come home. I can put 100% on the pattern finalization. I just got an approval from Ravelry.com for my “Featured Pattern” advertisement for that pattern. The ad starts on January 1. Right now I’m thinking the pattern will be ready for sale by the end of this week, about a week before the ad goes live.

Sleep, Last

For now… must sleep. I have not had this much trouble sleeping a full night in years. Too much to do!