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Archive for December 24th, 2009


Thursday, December 24th, 2009


On December 23, around 4pm, I finished the decorative painting at Altu’s restaurant. There were still construction guys all over, so I could not take final photos, but I will. It looks very nice, I’m happy for her and proud I did it as well as I did.


Funny, I love the “dreaming” phase of creative projects. I often do not like the “executing ideas/work” part of the process. When I sewed, I disliked it from cutting until sewing it enough to put it on, for example.

The truth is, the executing part is full of uncertainty. There are no guarantees, just educated guesses. If you do not love the process, there are a lot of “butterflies in the stomach.” That is, until you are at a point where it’s clear things are working out.

In knitting, I do in fact enjoy every stitch in most of my projects. When I have a lot of purls in a row (as with my most recent not-yet-finished sweater), I don’t enjoy it as much. However, I only knit with yarn I like and I usually do the sorts of knitting I enjoy doing (colorwork and plain stockinette, knit in the round, using good yarn… but not so much cables or lace).

So the good news is, I got through the butterflies with Altu’s project. It only took me two full days and two shorter ones. It looks wonderful, Altu likes it. I like it. The construction crew likes it. Score.

More Kudos for Mom

Other progress? Ordered the first printed copy of Mom’s books. We told them to print so we can see how we did putting together the documents which make up the book.

I am having trouble with finding out how to use a non-standard copyright notice on a book printed by lulu.com; if anyone knows any hints I surely would like some. They used to have excellent service, both phone and online chat. Now they offer email only and I’m not hearing back from them.  But in any case, we have a book coming for Mom, and she’s delighted.

A Little Selfish Knitting: My Reward

Rae gave me a wonderful chunky cashmere yarn kit to make one of my One-Day Neckwarmers. I have been doing a few rows every once in a while for the last week. Wednesday I knit a bit on it while waiting for Sushi take-out, and then knit on it more at night.

I need to hide the yarn ends, and then I need to block it (get it wet to even out the stitches and help it un-curl… and in this case, soften the cashmere even further). Maybe I can even wear it on our walk on Christmas day? That would be so sweet!

Christmas Knitting?

Well, it wasn’t intended for Christmas, but I started a project for Brian months ago. I took an old pair of socks that were too worn to be darned… and cut off the feet, and started re-knitting the feet again.

This re-using still-good knitted portions of older items was once common practice. I’m Norwegian… they did this often. Why not do it still?

I found the socks today, they looked finished except for afterthought heels. So I finished an afterthought heel for Brian. It was too short. Redid the heel, still too short. Luckily, since I’m knitting down from the old cuff, I have a toe that is easy to rip out and reknit. Will be doing that.

It would be SO good if I could finish those on Christmas day!  It has been a long time since I’ve finished anything for him, and his old socks are slowly wearing thin. I’ve got yarn designated for him, but haven’t had time to act on that.

The good parts are… Brian has relatively small feet for a guy… and the yarn I’m using is two strands of fingering/sockweight yarn held together as one. On size 3 US /3.25mm needles. This will not take too long, and I’m finding it satisfying to realize it could be done so soon.

Sleep well if you can. I feel for parents of Santa-anticipating children tonight. I’m not that tough.