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Archive for January 2nd, 2010

A Project Just for Me

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

I think of January as a month for knitters to splurge their knitting time/resources on themselves. I have called this “Selfish Knitting Month” in the past. Some folks do not like this phrase.

I do not find that word uncomfortable. If you do, I encourage you to embrace the idea of no-guilt projects, but call it something else. Whatever you call this month, I say take time for yourself, and do not feel guilty.

Pushing through Resistance

It’s funny, today I actually was feeling guilty about wanting to knit at all. There is a lot I can do on my computer right now, from accounting to new patterns to corresponding to those of you who take the time to comment.

I pushed through my “guilts” and listened to my chilly feet. They want warm layers. I don’t have enough outer layers right now. Here is an example… I knit both pairs in 2006. You can see them on my SockTour.

It used to be that every late fall, I would get out fat yarn and knit a few pairs of these low footies of very warm, very thick yarn. I have not done that in a few years.

I find shoes uncomfortable indoors, and slippers often do not breathe well. Outer layers I have made in previous years have been patched so much that they can not be repaired many more times.

A Surprise

Tonight I looked for some thick yarn with which to make a pair of warm slipper socks. Score! I found one completed sock (it had been a sample at Rae’s yarn shop). Inside that sock was a small ball of yarn (the same yarn is shown at right).

The sock weighs just under 25gm. The ball of yarn weighs less. BUT the sock was knit toe up and has over an inch of ribbing at the ankle. So I made a plan.

I will knit a second matching sock until the small ball o’yarn is gone. Then I will unravel the first sock from the top bindoff, until the two socks match.

I will then find some sort of accent yarn from which to create coordinating/contrasting cuffs. Voila!

I think this will work. I am busy knitting, no photos of this project right now. Knit, knit…