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Archive for January 4th, 2010


Monday, January 4th, 2010

I could spend all day reading and looking at photos, from the Knitted Textile Awards Showcase 2009 (and the links to years 2005-2008 listed at the bottom of the page). Wowie!

These are students in the UK. They are incredibly creative and diverse. I love it. What an uplifting boost! Right when I am cold and merely inspired by the idea of warmth.

This is mostly clothing, although with incredible variety. There are also non-garment items in the mix. Very creative and very inspiring.

I don’t HAVE all day… must nibble a little at a time until I look/process it all. Then I’m sure I could start all over again.

I’ve Been Knitting…

Monday, January 4th, 2010

keyscoinsyarngardenravThe great news? After finishing the Keys & Coins Andean-Style Hat pattern, I have found some time to socialize with folks I love, and knit a bit. Not for work, either… for a change.

Pattern Deliveries: Lansing Area

First, I delivered patterns to Rae’s Yarn Boutique. She will end up with three store samples. For some reason I don’t have current photos of those hats, complete with ear flaps. Will need to get some processed and share them here.

Next, I delivered patterns to Lindsay of Yarn Garden in Charlotte, MI. Her sample has a favorite combination of colors for me.

The solid/Contrast Color is hot green Cascade Cloud 9, a wool-angora blend, two plies in worsted weight. It’s an unusual yarn which I enjoy very much. See photo top right.

keyscoinstbearwebThen, I delivered patterns and a sample to Rob at Threadbear Fiberarts. His sample is very different for me… well, the contrast is a soft turquoise but the multicolored yarn is Kaleidoscope in pinks, apricot, sand, and winter white. It turned out beautifully.

The solid color is Cascade Soft Spun, a yarn I had not used before. It was very compatible with the Kaleidoscope. The hat feels soft and good, as well as looking nice. Photo at left.

After that Business,  Now Pleasure

After all those deliveries, I have allowed myself the pleasure of knitting… for me and loved ones. Wristwarmers lead the list. I have no photos of those yet.

I made some Yak-Wool blend wristwarmers for woodsman Paul.  When I get photos I will tell more stories of this kind and knowledgeable man. The warmers are done but I have not seen him since I finished.

I made turquoise wristwarmers for my beloved 5-yr-old friend, Isabel. She loved the ones I made her 2 years ago. She squeezed her hands into them then, and swore they fit just a few months ago. The new pair is more her color and will fit her a long time. I did get a few photos, not here yet.

Now I’m a few rows from finishing a pair of (turquoise) wristwarmers for myself. I got a free skein of Zealana New Zeeland Possum blend yarn at TNNA and this is a good use for a single skein. (No, not like American Possum… soft and fuzzy and lovely. Yes, I know the whole story.)

Pair #178

AND I just finished my first pair of socks for 2010. They are not fancy at all. My feet are cold this time of year, and I keep wearing through all the bulky footie-slippers I’ve made in previous years. I have one pair of slippers/socks that Diana/Otterwise made me, but the rest of my warm foot gear is in sad repair, almost past darning again.

SO I found one sock in stash, an old First-Time Toe-Up sample from Rae’s shop. Found a small ball of yarn that matched it, but that did not weigh enough to make a second footie.

I knit with the small ball, then unraveled the first sock from the top (luckily it was toe up). I knit two socks alternating between that original yarn and some other wool yarns held together to pair178web match the gauge. I have progress photos which I hope I will have time to share with you. I’m so busy having lunch and tea with friends on this “vacation” that I’m not sitting at the desk with multiple photos…

But here is the end result. Pair #178, finished January 3, 2010.

I started knitting socks in spring of 2001. I’ve made finer socks, but these will accomplish exactly their purpose. WARMTH!!!