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Archive for January 8th, 2010

So Far, Pretty Good.

Friday, January 8th, 2010

heartfromanna400 The new machine is making me happy, so far.

1. She was inexpensive for a laptop.

2. She weighs just over 3 lb but has a good monitor.

3. She’s much faster than any machine I’ve owned.

4. She’s pretty. The Toshiba always looked machine-clunky-ugly to me.

5. Her keyboard has two Ctrl keys. You can not KNOW how happy that makes me.

6. It took several hours to back up 31,000 images from the Toshiba to the external drive, but less than one hour to “restore” them to the new computer.

Her Name; the Story

An odd happenstance: I always name my computers after strong women. I’ve named them Kate (Katherine Hepburn), Helen (Keller), Martha (Graham, the dancer), Lizzy (my mother, who was also named after her very strong Aunt Lizzy), Isis (the Goddess) and more. So this time, I was starting up the new laptop at Rae’s Yarn Boutique, sitting next to beloved young knitter A. A little distracted?

Somehow when it asked me my desired username (Lynndy) it automatically named the computer after me (Lynndy-MSI). I tried to hit the “back” button which was there, and it did not work. There was no way to rename my computer.

So the strong woman my new computer is named after? Me. (My middle name is Doreen, and I have signed my name with my middle initial since middle school. Therefore, my brother has called me Lynn D., pronounced Lindy or Lynndy, for years. I like it a lot. )

I had better live up to this expectation. Those women are hard acts to follow!

Oh, Yeah…

Back to moving documents. I tell you what, I’m happy so far. Whew!

The photo is of a LARGE heart, about a foot across, knit for me by lovely young A, probably a year or two ago. It is knit at a huge gauge with several yarns held together at once. Love it. It’s hanging on my wall right where I can see it when I am copying documents to the new machine.